We met the lovely girls at Immigration Legal Services through recommendation of our services, and our relationship hit off straight away. We were able to advice on brand awareness, social media and the need for regular blog posts - which paid off immediately.

At Creator we know the benefit of becoming an advocate for your business, and one way to achieve this notoriety is by blogging regularly. In this instance it gave Immigration Legal Services the ability to create open conversation, and portray legal information in a different easy to read way. Targeted for a foreign audience we were able to see results of being found on searches straight away, and continually see positive results and referrals from search engines.

We felt it important for Immigration Legal Services potential clients to be able to quickly find the information they require, so built a search field that excepts any language, translates it to English (the native language the website is written in) and returns a result - of course throughout the website we offer the ability to translate the page via Google translate, we didn’t want to pick one language over the other, as immigration exists from many countries and nationalities.